Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cali Girls Go Euro

Who says you gotta have stickers on your board to get some face time??

High-end European Surf/Fashion magazine, SurfGirl Surfing Magazine asked me to wrangle up all the local surfer girls I could gather to be featured in an article about California surfer girls.

We got together at County Line yesterday for some group & portrait photos. It was really awesome to see most the gals together in one place.

Tara Denlay managed to sneak a couple pics while we were gathered on the cliff.

Keep your eyes open for this mag - it should be arriving in the states within the next few months!!

A BIG 'thank you' to all those who were in attendance:

Ana Osgood, Andrea Kabwasa, Annie Allegretti, Brianna Coleman, Carla Rowland, Christin Ayotte, Diane Sanders, Eveline Van Brande, Kirsten Powell, Lexi Von der Lieth, Rosanna, Sophia Sarlo, Tara Denlay, Tawney Safran, Taylor Nelson, & Wanda Smans.

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